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Publication list (^co-first author; *corresponding/senior author; students underlined; Also available at My Google Scholar and My Bibliography)

Software and reproducibility: For all our methodological papers, we try best to provide R packages as well as data and code (mostly in GitHub) so anyone can reproduce our result with minimal effort.

    Major work:
  1. Yujia Li, Xiangrui Zeng, Chien-wei Lin*, George C. Tseng*. (2021) Simultaneous estimation of number of clusters and feature sparsity parameter in clustering high-dimensional data. Biometrics. accepted. (R package, code and data available on GitHub)
  2. Peng Liu, Chien-Wei Lin, Yongseok Park*, George C. Tseng*. (2021) MethylSeqDesign: A framework for Methyl-Seq genome-wide power calculation and study design issues. Biostatistics. 22:35-50. (R package, code and data available on GitHub)
  3. An-Shun Tai, George Tseng, Wen-Ping Hsieh. (2021) BayICE: A Bayesian hierarchical model for semi-reference-based deconvolution of bulk transcriptomic data. Annals of Applied Statistics. 15:391-411. (R package, code and data available on GitHub)
  4. Chien-Wei Lin^, Lun-Ching Chang^, Tianzhou Ma, Hyunjung Oh, Beverly French, Rachel Puralewski, Fasil Mathews, Yusi Fang, David A. Lewis, James Kennedy, Daniel Mueller, Victoria Marshe, Andrew Jaffe, Qiang Chen, Gianluca Ursini, Daniel Weinberger, Anne B. Newman, Eric J. Lenze, Yuliya S. Nikolova, George C. Tseng*, Etienne Sibille*. (2021) Older Molecular Brain Age in Severe Mental Illness. Molecular Psychiatry. accepted.
  5. Kyle D. Ketchesin^, Wei Zong^, Mariah Hildebrand, Kelly Cahill, Madeline R. Scott, Vaish Shankar, Jill Glausier, David A. Lewis, George Tseng*, and Colleen A. McClung*. (2021) Diurnal rhythms across the human dorsal and ventral striatum. PNAS. 118(2):e2016150118.
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    Collaborative work:
  9. Ryan W. Logan, Xiangning Xue, Kyle D. Ketchesin, Gabriel Hoffman, Panos Roussos, George Tseng, Colleen A. McClung, and Marianne L Seney. (2021) Sex differences in molecular rhythms in the human cortex. Biological Psychiatry. accepted.
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    Major work:
  18. Zhiguang Huo, Shaowu Tang, Yongseok Park, George C. Tseng*. (2020) P-value evaluation, variability index and biomarker categorization for adaptively weighted Fisher's meta-analysis method in omics applications. Bioinformatics. 36(2):524-532. (R package at Github) (data and code)
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    Collaborative work:
  24. Martin Blohmer, Li Zhu, Jennifer Atkinson, Sushil Beriwal, Joshua Rodriguez-Lopez, Margaret Rosenzweig, Adam Brufsky, George Tseng, Peter Lucas, Adrian Lee, Steffi Oesterreich, and Rachel Jankowitz. (2020) Patient treatment and outcome after breast cancer orbital and periorbital metastases: a comprehensive case series including analysis of lobular versus ductal tumor histology. Breast Cancer Research. 22:70
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    Major work:
  30. Li Zhu, Zhiguang Huo, Tianzhou Ma, Steffi Oesterreich, George C. Tseng*. (2019) Bayesian indicator variable selection to incorporate multi-layer overlapping group structure in multi-omics applications. Annals of Applied Statistics. 13:2611-2636. (R package at Github; data and code)
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    Collaborative work:
  35. Marianne L. Seney, Kelly Cahill, John F. Enwright III, Ryan W. Logan, Zhiguang Huo, Wei Zong, George Tseng, and Colleen A. McClung. (2019) Novel Diurnal Rhythms in the Prefrontal Cortex in Schizophrenia Drive Differential Gene Expression. Nature Communications. 10:3355
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    Major work:
  44. Zhou Fang, Tianzhou Ma, Gong Tang, Li Zhu, Qi Yan, Ting Wang, Juan C. Celedon, Wei Chen* and George C. Tseng*. (2018) Bayesian integrative model for multi-omics data with missingness. Bioinformatics. 34:3801-3808. (R function, code and data available on GitHub)
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    Collaborative work:
  47. Nilgun Tasdemir, Emily Bossart, Zheqi Li, Zhu Li, Kevin Levine, Britta Jacobsen, George C. Tseng, Nancy E. Davidson, Steffi Oesterreich. (2018) Comprehensive 2D and 3D phenotypic characterization of human invasive lobular carcinoma cell lines. Cancer Research. 78:6209-6222
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    Major work:
  55. Zhiguang Huo and George C. Tseng*. (2017) Integrative Sparse K-Means With Overlapping Group Lasso in Genomic Applications for Disease Subtype Discovery. Annals of Applied Statistics. 11:1011-1039. (R package at lab software page or github) (data and code)
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    Collaborative work:
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    Major work:
  71. Sunghwan Kim, Chien-Wei Lin and George C. Tseng*. (2016) MetaKTSP: A Meta-Analytic Top Scoring Pair Method for Robust Cross-Study Validation of Omics Prediction Analysis. Bioinformatics. 32:1966-1973. (R package at lab software page)
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    Collaborative work:
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    Major work:
  85. SungHwan Kim^, Jose D. Herazo-Maya^, Dongwan D. Kang^, Brenda M. Juan-Guardela, John Tedrow, Fernando J. Martinez, F.C. Sciurba, George C. Tseng* & Naftali Kaminski*. (2015) Integrative Phenotyping Framework (iPF): Integrative Clustering of Multiple Omics Data Identifies Novel Lung Disease Subphenotypes. BMC Genomics. 16:924. (data & code) (software)
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