MetaOmics Software Download Page

Cite the main reference paper if results obtained from this software are used in manuscripts:

Xingbin Wang, Dongwan D. Kang, Kui Shen, Chi Song, Shuya Lu, Lunching Chang, Serena G. Liao, Zhiguang Huo, Naftali Kaminski, Etienne Sibille, Yan Lin, Jia Li and George C. Tseng. (2012) An R package suite for Microarray Meta-analysis in Quality Control, Differentially Expressed Gene Analysis and Pathway Enrichment Detection. Bioinformatics. (submitted)

Individual R packages in the suite can be downloaded from

Manuscript: doc

Supplement tutorial: pdf

Prostate cancer data set used in the paper: zip

R code for prostate cancer example:

Questions, bug reports and suggestions can be sent to Xingbin Wang (